Greater diversity, Gender Equality, Better together.

You want to find the best candidate for the role, but ...

You know that the female candidate pool is smaller

In our experience we find that male candidates apply for a role when they are at least a 60% fit. Female candidates will apply if they are a 90% fit. Add this to the existing gender imbalance in the workforce and we have serious shortages in the workplace.

You aren't sure what's the best way to find them

You aren't sure you should put up an ad, call a few people you know or try to approach people yourself. It takes time to build a network and keep tabs on everyone in the industry, so you might not have people you know well and can approach easily. 

You don't have enough time to do it yourself

You have a job to do and competing priorities. Recruitment can be a time consuming process especially when you are search for a needle in a haystack. You could invest a lot of time and still get nowhere. Your focus and energy is better spent elsewhere.

The latest data in Workplace Gender Equality

  • 87% of Companies have Diversity as a key value but less than 33% manage to the metric
  • Men out-earn women by $25,670 on average each year
  • 40% of employers took no action to reduce the pay gap
  • There is a glass ceiling at the top with only 17.1% of CEOs and 26.8% of Board Directors being female

Source:  The Australian Workplace Gender Equality Agency

The Switch Method

Our 4 step success plan to improve gender diversity and build winning teams.

Right Fit

The first and most important factor affecting long term success in a role is Fit. This includes Culture, Job, Managerial and Financial Fit. We seek discover the right fit and then focus on finding the right candidates for our clients.

Employer Brand

We communicate the employer value proposition authentically and persuasively. The better the 'mutual value proposition' between employer and employee, the more engagement, productivity, goal achievement and all round well-being.

Target Profile

Our industry insight and expertise helps us to match roles to candidates and vice versa. With over 25,000 candidates in our database and networks, targeting the right profile is gives us a major advantage over in-house or generalist recruiters.

Engaged Influence

We seek to understand what the best people really want out of their next career role. We match their interests to our clients offer and this enables a genuine partnership between Candidate, Recruiter and Client to explore the best outcome.

Awards and Industry Recognition

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You choose how you want to work with us

Our goal is to provide total transparency, maximum flexibility and a close partnership to achieve your goals.

Detailed job brief meeting

Proactive targeted candidate contact

1-3  week introduction window 

Rapid search and engagement

Fee due on start date

90 day guarantee period

Best suited to top up candidate pool

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Contingency Search Features Plus

Priority Search

Exclusive candidates

10% engagement fee upfront

90% balance fee on start date

6 month guarantee period

Best suited to mid-senior roles

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Engaged Search Features plus

Weekly Progress Reports

Complete list of candidates approached

33% upfront, 33% on shortlist

presentation and 34% on placement

12 month guarantee period

Best suited for hard-to-fill roles

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Quality candidates presented within 5-10 days of client brief

Lead consultant: Tia MacDonald

No stranger to a challenge, Tia MacDonald has earned a reputation with colleagues and clients of persevering in the face of an uphill climb and reaching the summit. Whether its a Tough Mudder run or a challenging search assignment, she does not give up until the brief is met and both client and candidate are satisfied. Contact us below to speak with Tia.

Our mission is to make a positive difference in people's lives, everyday.

No child should live in poverty. Worldwide, 385 million children live in extreme poverty. Poverty robs children of their basic rights to learn, play and grow. In its ugliest form, poverty can lead to exploitation, child labour and even death. It's unacceptable.

That's why we sponsor 21 children across the planet and provide food, medication, clothing and education through our partnership with Watoto and Compassion Australia. 

Still not sure which one is right for you?

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