Redundancies? Part as friends.

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The key issues with layoffs and redundancies...

It's a shock and a setback to the individual

Losing a job due to redundancy or layoff is the worst experience a person can have professionally. It impacts them emotionally, financially as well as their family. It also impacts the morale of colleagues with whom they had good relationships.

Finding the right job soon is hard for most people

No one teaches you at university or at work how to master Job Search Skills. The result can be a long period of stress, frustration and even depression. Often people compromise with their next job, setting them back financially and professionally for years.

It hurts your employer brand and team morale

Losing a competent colleague due to redundancy is demoralising. It causes anxiety, anger and makes people look at external job opportunities. If there is a lack of care in the separation, it can lead to damage to your reputation.

The Switch Outplacement Advantage

This outplacement program provides a four-stage roadmap to finding the right job. We help build skills that are essential and effective in standing out, getting the right job and accelerating their career.

Right Fit

The most important factor affecting long term career success is Fit. This includes Culture, Job, Managerial and Financial Fit. We help you discover the right fit, develop a career plan and guide you through the roadmap to help you secure a great job that meets your goals.

Personal Brand

Developing your professional brand and career marketing materials is essential to stand out in a crowded candidate pool. This includes your Professional Value Proposition, The Five Star Resume, LinkedIn Profile, S.T.A.R stories and Thought Leadership articles.

Target Job

To be relevant to your audience it is essential that you target those companies and jobs that will value your experience. Instead of a being open to anything, being focused on the right thing helps channel energy, connect with the right people and secure the all important interview. 

Interview Influence

The Consultative Interview Framework will help you discover needs and problems the company is facing and would like to solve through the role you are interviewing for. Building rapport and providing solutions to those issues enables you to maximise your influence on the outcome.

Program based on #1 Bestselling book on Job Hunting on Amazon

The Switch Method provides a blueprint for Job Seekers to go from 'I'm looking' to 'I found it' in four stages. This method helps people navigate an emotionally challenging phase of life with clear actionable steps, tools, inspiration and mistakes to avoid to help them land a great job.

Program designed by Top 1% Executive Recruiter as rated by LinkedIn

Pree Sarkar is an executive recruiter and career coach. LinkedIn rated him in the Top 1% Recruiters for Search Excellence and Talent Pipelining. Since 2008 he has been advising leaders and professionals at global companies and pre-IPO start-ups to help them build winning teams and great careers. 

How it works

We take a consultative approach to determine what is the best course of action to help the people impacted.

1. COACHING for rapid action.

Our Switch Mastery Career Coach will set up a 1-1 coaching cadence, introduce the Workshops, Resources, Community and work through each stage of the roadmap to ensure they are focused, noticed, relevant and preferred in interviews with prospective employers. 

2. WORKSHOPS for quick up-skilling.

The Switch Mastery Workshops are designed build four critical job search skills, Right Fit, Personal Brand, Job Target and Interview Influence is immediately made available to participants to complete at their pace and choice of what they would like to work on immediately. This is integrated in to their road map for completion during coaching sessions.

3. RESOURCES for accelerated results

The switch mastery digital resource library provides 30+ DIY templates and tools to help people apply best practice immediately across Career Planning, Resumes, LinkedIn profiles, S.T.A.R story, Article writing, Job Targeting, Introduction Scripts, Interview frameworks and Negotiation techniques to give them an advantage over the competition.

4. COMMUNITY for collective inspiration.

We provide access to an exclusive Facebook group of professionals in career transition looking to ask, learn and share from the group's experiences. This is supported by four career coaches with expertise in core areas and enhanced with weekly best practice Zoom Q&A calls.


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Our mission is to make a positive difference in people's lives, everyday.

No child should live in poverty. Worldwide, 385 million children live in extreme poverty. Poverty robs children of their basic rights to learn, play and grow. In its ugliest form, poverty can lead to exploitation, child labour and even death. It's unacceptable.

That's why we sponsor 21 children across the planet and provide food, medication, clothing and education through our partnership with Watoto and Compassion Australia. 

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